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The mission of VIDES

The association was founded Salesian inspiration to spread a gospel mentality that gives meaning to life and promotes a culture of solidarity and sharing.

Our political action seeks to meet the needs of the poor, exploiting their resources and meeting their weaknesses.

Volunteers work as women, youth, children and immigrants are welcomed as people, respected in their specificity, promoted in their potential. With the projects and activities of the Delegation are trying to defend and realize some rights enshrined in the “Universal Declaration of Human Rights”.

The values ​​and vision of VIDES

The education system of St. John Bosco, known under the name of “preventive system”, founded the educational effectiveness on two pillars:

– the importance of education to develop the potential of the person;

– the need for faith to see God’s son, their dignity and the meaning of life;

The basic concept of the educational system of Don Bosco finds its roots in the word “estimate”, defined as “the art of education positively”, proposing experiences that involve that would grab for their beauty, which lead young people to an inner awareness.

“The art of attracting the hearts of young people” means that they can walk with joy and satisfaction towards the good, correcting deviations and preparing for the future with a solid education.

The Salesian volunteer is therefore convinced that whatever the marginalized person, in it there are some positive energy that, if they are cultivated, should lead to faith and dignity.

The project of a Christian pedagogical humanism of Don Bosco and his preventive system they want to pass the hearts of young people through God, not only with the Church but also by the Association Vides.

Our human and Christian values ​​are as follows:

“Trust” the result of a family environment, inherited from our founders

“Communion”: the response to the deepest aspirations of the person

“Joy and a sense of celebration”: the visible feature of voluntary Vides

“Transparency”: essential in a society where corruption is the rule

“Optimism”: appreciation of what is positive

“Solidarity”: element that leads us to share experiences of the dignity of all people in a lifestyle characterized by simplicity and gratitude

“Conviviality”: the basis of the value of our education system, understood as love, hospitality, tolerance and acceptance

“Reason”: the critical conscience, indicator of the positive values to achieve goals

“Family spirit”: integration of the elements that put us in harmony with the values of fraternity and solidarity in the communion.

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