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Our history


The Veneto Regional Delegation of VIDES was formed in Padua May 31, 1995 as a voluntary association commissioned by the Daughters of Mary Help of Christians and Salesians of Don Bosco, for the advancement of women, for educational interventions for disadvantaged children and young people, for promotion of voluntary youth work for Cooperation in developing countries.


Activities and projects

Awareness-raising and Training for Volunteers through specific meetings, shareholders’ meetings, weekend training
Activities and Projects within the Animation Youth
Activities and projects implemented in schools
Activities and projects for the Promotion of Women
in support of the Family Activities
Literacy Projects for Foreigners
theater workshops, music and singing intercultural
Volunteer Experiences in poor countries (Ecuador, Thailand, Madagascar, Tanzania, Mexico, etc …)
Economic aid to the missions with concrete initiatives of solidarity: micro-projects and sponsorships
Participation in International Courts in Italy (Roccaforte the Greek)
Today the Veneto Regional VIDES Delegation, actively promote these principles in the region and foster an acceptance and dialogue between the local community and immigrant people of different cultures.


The Veneto Regional VIDES Delegation


is a proposal to Volunteer as a lifestyle and social commitment based on the values ​​of hospitality, sharing, solidarity
is a Non-Governmental Organization that works for and in developing countries
It is a body that believes in Women and its potential
is the translation of Don Bosco Educational System in Volunteer
It is an opportunity to promote the development
We NPO (Non-profit organization of social utility) pursuant to art. 10 paragraph 8 of Legislative Decree 460/97, and we intend to pursue the objectives of the National and International VIDES.

Currently the Association is recognized in:

Regional Register of Voluntary Organizations (March 1996)
Register of free Associative forms of the City of Padua (December 1996)
Regional International Relations Registry Immigration Office (October 2001), register of associations working with continuity of the ‘migration industry. (L / R 9/90 Article 7) • Regional Register Peace and Human Rights, Coop. At the Development and International Relations
Municipal Register of Valdagno (VI)


VIDES Veneto is headquartered in Padova, Riviera S. Benedict, 88.
The current operating groups are PADUA, in VALDAGNO (VI) and Conegliano (TV).
We have members working in other realities.

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