We want to provide space and create situations in which women from different cultures can meet and discuss. We are confident that the exchange of ideas stimuli the beauty of the feminine and we will ensure that this gives life to craft productions (crochet, knitting, cutting and sewing) that tell the story of different countries and the meeting of so many knowledge. This “culture card”, a meeting place for women, where words become art. First we would like that there was an exchange of basic skills of sewing, useful for daily family life (darning, edges …) and an opportunity to learn new knowledge, then we will work because the imagination and creativity which feed the “exchange “produce the” hand made “entirely original. Homemade products are the participants will be exposed during certain moments of the Association convivial and offered for sale in markets in which the Association will participate. If women involved in the project they like or need to make use of their own crafts can keep them freely.

The project is funded by the Volunteer Service Center of the Province of Padua, under the call Small associative projects.

In annex the handwheel Cultures Weaving

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