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Project CS 2015B03 “Training and micro-credit for women to Adua” – Project duration April 1, 2016 – September 30, 2017
intervention Localization
The project will be implemented in Ethiopia in the town of Adwa, a small town in the north of the country not too far from border with Somalia is a town located in the mountainous region of Tigray, in northern Ethiopia, known in Italy and Europe mainly for the homonymous battle of 1896. located in the north of Ethiopia, just south of Asmara, between the cities Axum and Adigrat Adua is an important agricultural center and home to major markets in the surrounding areas.
The Salesian Sisters and VIDES are present in the area since 1994 with a kindergarten, elementary, middle and high schools, a vocational training center, a youth center and a center of nutritional support for pregnant women and minors and state of malnutrition.
Issues that you intend to answer through this initiative
In Loco:
1) unemployment among women and, in particular, lack of paid employment opportunities;
2) Low level of education and professional training of the female population
3) Lack of inputs and access to credit for women.
In Italy:
lack of knowledge of the young of the main problems of the southern world and lack of civic commitment to the most disadvantaged and marginalized of society.
Project objectives:
In Loco:
1: Improve and increase opportunities for professional training and production in favor of 130 young women vulnerable in agriculture and weaving
2: Increase in women living at Adowa and the surrounding areas the opportunity to start generating activities of income.
In Italy:
3. To increase and deepen in about 100 young people from the province of Padua, the knowledge of the problems facing the southern countries of the world to mature in them a responsible and conscious attitude of the active role that each individual can take to contribute to the development of peoples
on site:
n. 1 training program, agricultural production and marketing for 50 women living at Adowa and nearby rural areas
n. 1 year course in Fashion for 20 young vulnerable women as provided by Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in force in Ethiopia
No. 1 evening during cutting and sewing monthly for 20 young women workers
n. 1 during the annual embroidery for 40 girls
Support for the creation of cooperative groups in the agricultural sector and in tailoring
Provision of micro-credit loans to young women of the town of Adwa and the surrounding areas to start income-generating activities
in Italy:
Awareness Meetings with about 100 young residents in the provinces of Padua and Treviso

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