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Even today women in many parts of the world are disadvantaged compared to men, not relying in fact on the same rights. The reasons for this disparity are many; sometimes also they rely on religious principles and their distorted or anachronistic interpretation.

The need that we have found is that of meeting places for women of different nationalities, who often do not have a job and are completely absorbed by the family.

Let the women out of the house and communicate with each other is good for personal balance because it generates welfare, it means that the entire society can to share knowledge and expertise.

Women are spokespersons for peace and interculturalism.

“Women help women, drawing support from the valuable and effective contributions which associations, movements and groups, many of which are faith-based, have shown they know to offer to this end” to the Women: Teachers of Peace – December 8 1994


Period: September to June

Days and Hours: Thursday from 15:00 to 17:00

Venue: The meetings are free and take place in via Orsini, 15 in Padua at Vides Veneto